During our inaugural year of business we have set a high standard of service which has resulted in the establishment of a varied and respected client base with regular repeat business.  We attain over 80% of annual turnover as repeat business, and this is the continued focus of our business model moving forward.  We believe that our clients deserve a high quality service from us and we endeavour to:-


    1. Listen and fully understand the brief
    2. Provide bespoke designs and advice
    3. Bring open and effective communication to the project
    4. Eliminate risk through properly detailed design and specification
    5. Design to agreed budgets
    6. Be flexible in our approach
    7. Be proactive team players

In recent years the topic of ‘sustainability’ and ‘renewable energy sources’ have become widely used in the early stages of project consideration / briefing.  In many cases the desire to be seen to be environmentally friendly has fallen flat due to a lack of proper understanding and appraisal of the options available, their viability and the actual capital costs involved relative to gain / benefit.  Cube Engineering has implemented a number of projects in the UK where renewable solutions have been adopted, and we have detailed knowledge of the various technologies available to the market and can advise our clients in detail which, if any, of the available options are viable for a specific project.  Our list of services that we offer include the following:-


  • Structural Design and Analysis.
  • Basement Construction – new build, retro or conversion.
  • Civil Engineering works.
  • Setting out / Topographical surveying.
  • Hard and Soft Landscaping. 
  • Drainage / Flood alleviation and defence works.
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