Cube Engineering is presently undergoing the formal process to become ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Registered, and we expect to achieve this within the next business year.  However, we would confirm at this time that each member of Cube Engineering has worked previously for organisations who were fully ISO Registered and as a result, all are conversant with the methods and procedures required to design and undertake engineering works in all manners compliant with a quality system.

As such, we are all very familiar with and conversant to the requirement for proper and regulated:-

·         Organisation

·         Checking and verification of designs and calculations

·         Accurate logging of information

·         Accuracy of internal filing - including a documented and common coding structure

·         The requiremens of the CDM Regulations

Whilst we are a young company, our Structural Engineer is currently working towards ICE Chartered status, but all structural design we undertake are fully checked and signed off by a Chartered Engineer.  At Cube Engineering, we actively undertake formalised CPD (Continuous Professional Development) meetings on a maximum half yearly basis to encourage the technical development of all involved.

Each Project Manager within Cube Engineering is a true 'working' one, and is personally and continuously involved with both the design of the project and as such, the appointed Project Manager assumes responsibility for the management and performance of the respective project – as well as the personnel and resources allocated to deliver the project.

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