Environmental Policy Statement


Cube Engineering recognises its environmental duties under the Environment Act 1990, and accompanying legislation.  We recognise that we have a responsibility to take an environmentally (and socially) responsible approach to both existing and potentially new projects.

Cube Engineering, so far as reasonably practical, proposes to pay particular attention to the following, but not limited, areas:-

  • To minimize disturbance to the global and local environment, including local communities, wildlife, flora and fauna.
  • To minimise the use of raw materials and energy, and to adhere to the principles of sustainability.
  • To consider the environment in the design of processes and products, including any possible future maintenance.
  • To provide information on the use and disposal of all materials used in the project to the client.
  • Where possible, to source materials from suppliers who actively encourage sustainability.
  • To minimise the use of product related materials and services, such as wrapping and transport.

In order that the company can achieve these objectives, it is of paramount importance that employees recognise their duties towards the environment and take all reasonable care towards it while at work.

Cube Engineering has consistently practiced many Green Building techniques since its inception.  We are actively expanding our Green practices and hope to be leading the way for luxury builders.  We are convinced that being environmentally responsible is a perfect fit for high-end construction, and we can all feel good about the fact that we are embracing the responsibility of being better stewards within our environment.

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